This review can be summed up with just one question: Do you have an Apple wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad?

It really is just that simple. If, like many others out there, you’re sitting in front of your computer using Apple’s wireless keyboard and trackpad, you’ve probably noticed how the two don’t really stay together. At all. From my personal experience (i.e my incredibly messy desk), I’m always moving my keyboard and trackpad around either by bumping them or having to sweep breakfast crumbs/lunch crumbs/dinner crumbs/1am-snack crumbs off it. On numerous occasions I’ve wondered why on Earth did Apple not include some fancy way of keeping the two together.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. 


Enter, the MagicWand

OK, so I’m not going to pretend, - the MagicWand may be a slightly questionable name for a product that keeps a keyboard and trackpad together. Feel free to google “Magic Wand” or (as designer Twelve South calls it) “MagicWand.” Yes, you see what happened there.

Name aside, the MagicWand is a simple, simple piece of work, that just… well… works. So let's take a look-see...

Inside the minimalist packaging are the following:
1.)  The MagicWand container
2.)  H-slide piece
3.)  Small rubber cover
4.)  Instructions

That’s it. No glueing, screwing, sticking required here.

Putting the MagicWand together will take you about 15 seconds if you’re quick, and 30 seconds if you’re slow. Either way, if you’re of the “now” generation or just generally impatient, the MagicWand will work out well for you. If you can't quite picture how this works, here's the instructions in picture form!
Snap keyboard into MagicWand container:

You can see how this looks from the side profile. Very nice!


Snap trackpad into MagicWand container.


Slide the H-slide piece in between keyboard and trackpad, and then insert the rubber cover at the top of the H-slide.

Sit back and enjoy a stable setup!

For some people, the primary use of this setup will be for Home Theatre PC (Mac) usage. Users with iMacs, MacBook Pros or Mac minis connected to their TV/projector will absolutely love this setup since their keyboard and “mouse” stay together so easily. As you can see, these aren't coming apart!
No flex!
For those worried about snapping their aluminum in against the MagicWand, the MagicWand is made of plastic, and after inserting and removing the keyboard and trackpad almost 50 times (I was oh-so brave in the name of providing a fair review), there was no damage to any parts whatsoever.

So What's to Like?

1.)  Very easy to put together.
2.)  Very stylish and minimalistic, as if Apple itself had created it.
3.)  No flex when picking up the unit as a whole from either the keyboard or trackpad side.
4.)  Perfect for Home Theatre Mac users.
5.)  Plastic construction so no scratching your aluminum keyboard/trackpad.

So What's Not to Like?

1.)  With the H-piece attached, the bottom left of the trackpad is slightly harder to physically click. (For users on a desk, you don’t need to keep the H-piece/rubber cover connected, which solves this minor issue).
2.)  $30 might seem steep to some.


Possibly the most useful piece of plastic you can buy for your Mac setup. This could easily have an Apple logo on it . Keeping my keyboard and trackpad together - and moving them out of the way - just became a non-issue. We can’t imagine using our Apple keyboard and Magic Trackpad without the complete magic that is the MagicWand (that’s a lot of magic!).

We give Twelve South’s MagicWand full marks and a well-deserved five nerds!

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