A stylus? Seriously? Seriously. We give Wacom's iPad stylus a tapping and a sliding all over our iPad screen and come away impressed..., as long as you want a stylus, of course. Tap on over to our review, after the jump. 

We here at bighugenerd recognize that there are some of you out there with very different tastes to us. We respect that! And so we present you today with a review of a stylus. A what? Yes, a stylus. I’m sure Steve Jobs is shuddering at the thought, but hey, some of you peeps like some stylus action, so who are we to deny you the pleasure?


So, the Wacom Bamboo Stylus then. It’s presented simply, in a simply simple box. There’s not much to this, really. It’s got a nice, weighty feel to it, and it really does work on the capacitive touch-screens such as iPod touch, iPhone, iPad. Now it’s a little large to be using on an iPod touch or iPhone, but technically speaking there’s nothing to stop you.

It’s a handsome little thing, weighty enough to give us confidence that it's not a toy. (our not-at-all-state-of-the-art scale reads 19 grams).


And guess what? The stylus works as you might expect it to, for the most part.. We were a tad disappointed that it needs a firmer press than a light finger gesture as we're used to here at bighugenerd with our iPad 2, but aside from that it definitely works as intended. 

Do you need it? Well, if you need a stylus for your iPad, then yes, yes you do. And if you don’t need a stylus…, well then, no, you don’t. Isn’t it great when things are this clear cut? Well, almost clear cut. Let’s not forget, this is a multi-touch world we live in, and if you live and die by the stylus, then you’ll somehow need to survive without multi-touch, or using multi-touch with two styli, or one stylus + one finger. And that's a bit weird if you ask us. 


So What's to Like?

Weighty, solid, professional-looking, with a very soft tip to touch your iPad's precious glass display.

So What's Not to Like?

Tip doesn’t protrude awfully far from the metal casing which worries us a little, since that's a lot of metal! Tip also requires a slightly firmer press on the screen than a finger tip.


It’s hard not to recommend this stylus, as long as you want a stylus. For people with fat fingers, this might be a real savior. For the rest of us, we’ll stick with our finger tips and one less doohickey to carry around

We award the Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad a very solid four nerds out of five. 
7/25/2011 09:19:13 pm

Dont forget that some of us use a stylus on the iPad purely for drawing and painting, and in such a case, a stylus can be really useful.

I dont use a stylus day to day, why would I, but for drawing, its a must :)

7/31/2013 08:01:33 pm

Thanks for sharing your review on Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad. I am impressed by this product and will consider buying this for sure. I will get back to you after checking the price range of the product. Keep posting more updates in your blog.

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10/16/2013 11:04:19 am

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