Oh noes! Another iPhone 4 case. Yes, yes, we know the iPhone 4S is out, and Siri is making the lives of so many of us that much easier. But we recognize that some of you out there are busy waiting for iPhone 5/5G/5RESPECT or whatever it ends up being called, - and are "stuck" with your trusty 4. We respect you. And we have a case review for you! 

So if you click that little link down there, you can read some more. No pressure. 

SGP is a dab-hand when it comes to Apple-related cases. Whether it's iPad, iPod touch or iPhone, there's something out there. It's not always roses - it never is, - but despite the plain appearance the SGP Neo Hybrid II EX takes the original Apple Bumper and improves on its formula considerably. So let's take a look!

The Neo Hybrid II EX arrives in a plastic shell packaging that's easy to open; no tools required (thankfully). Once open, the first difference from Apple's Bumper becomes apparent. The SGP case is actually in two pieces. The inner flexible silicone "sleeve" which goes on first, and then the outer hard plastic that goes on around the sleeve.

This design is smart for several reasons. First, many of you out there who own the Apple Bumper probably notice how easy it is for pocket goobers and dust etc to get under the lip of the Bumper and between it and your shiny iPhone 4. The problem becomes especially...problematic if you remove the case from the iPhone. This often results in dragging that gunk across the metal band of your iPhone 4, scratching it up nicely. This issue is mitigated to a great degree with SGP's creation because the inner silicone is the only thing that touches the iPhone, and that easily stretches when taking it off your iPhone. Not scratching up your iPhone is a big deal!

As you can see, the cutout for the mute switch is nicely centered on the iPhone 4, and unlike Apple's Bumper it's actually not a nightmare to enable that switch if you don't have fingernails. Nice job, SGP! The Neo Hybrid II EX also has the external buttons for volume and power which press through to the iPhone 4 buttons and worked comfortably in our testing.

With the case assembled completely, it's a very smart-looking getup.  As you can see, we received a blue review unit from SGP that actually looks pretty spiffy on a black iPhone 4, but we know it looks even more spifftastic on a white iPhone. There are other colors if blue isn't your thing, of course.

In the course of our testing we had very little to complain about with this case. We wish the dock connector would fit all third-party cables. It does, however, fit considerably more cables than Apple's own narrow dock-connector design, which is at least something! The same goes for the headphone jack; if your buds/phones have a right-angle 3.5mm cable, you might have trouble fitting it in there... 

And of course, whether you like Bumper-style cases is personal preference. We at bighugenerd tend to prefer a bit more protection, but you certainly can't go wrong with this particular one if this style is your bag, and we rate it higher than Apple's own, which is certainly an accomplishment!

So What's to Like?

Excellent two-piece design, stylish-looking, comfortable rubber buttons. 

So What's Not to Like?

Still a few concerns with third-party accessories fitting in the dock connector/headphone jack. Outer plastic could be a touch less slick for extra grip. Oh, and it has a ridiculous name, - just putting that out there.


We really like this line of cases. It does the job, does it better in fact than Apple's version and we honestly don't really see why anyone would buy a Bumper with this out there. We award the SGP Neo Hybrid II EX case a decidedly healthy four and a half nerds!

Big thank you to Delbert Kim and Jason Lee at SGP for the review sample! 

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