We like cases, so today we look at another one. Because we're just that way. And this one is green, which is a great color. We also like other colors. OK so it's just time to just accept we'll be reviewing cases a lot, alright?

Oh, and this one is good, so feel free to read more, after the jump! 

So today we're looking at SGP’s new line of leather cases, the illuzion for iPad 2. OK, so we’re only looking at one color, but you’ll get the idea from this one color, truly! This really is a case of, ahem, the Limey reviewing the lime. 
As soon as you open the packaging and remove the case from its plastic prison, you immediately get a sense of quality from the leather. It feels lovely, smells fantastic, and is stitched perfectly. Despite our favorite cover of the moment being the Yoobao Executive Leather Case, even it can’t come close to the smell and feel of the SGP illuzion. It really is that nice, although to be fair, this SGP is quite a bit more expensive at an MSRP of $59.99. 


The illuzion closes with magnets, which haven’t had any adverse effect on iPads turning themselves on/off, thankfully. Sliding the iPad into the case is a very uneventful affair (also known as: The Way We Like It).


The interior is a very soft and suede-like material. We dig the fun pattern on the inside!

SGP advertises this case as compatible with the Apple Smart Cover. Now, we here at bighugenerd don’t think that the Smart Cover is all that clever (aside from the magnets, of course), but we know there are those of you who love it; and we love you, too. So we popped a leather Smart Cover on to see how it would behave.


The results? Well… not entirely brilliant. You’ve really got to push the iPad into the SGP case as hard as you can for the case to properly close. The magnets just don’t seem to be able to really be magnet-y with the Smart Cover in there because the alignment is off.  Quite a bit of the time we just ended up with the below image. Just not... quite... closing!


We will say that if you really push the iPad in a little further, you can make the case close fine, but it's definitely not as easy or secure as a naked iPad in the cover, which is a bit of a shame.

The only other issue we had with this case is that the magnet outlines are pretty visibly obvious when the case is open. There are two of them, both circular, and they look like “rubbed” areas of the leather. You can see them in a few of the above pictures. No big deal to many, but if aesthetics are your goal, bear this in mind. 

So What's to Like?

We love the quality of the leather and stitching, the smell, and just how soft and happy-making the case is. We’d happily transport our iPad around in this. It can also be used as a wrist-rest when using your iPad, and it's also available in plenty of other colors to suit your taste. We like options!

So What's Not to Like?

Some trouble closing the case with the Smart Cover attached, visible magnet outlines when open. Not protective when you take your iPad out. (duh!)

(bighugenerd's big hint: a third magnet in the center might alleviate the Smart Cover issue.)


It's really hard to not like this case. We have very few quibbles with it. If sleeves are your… err…  bag, then this one is just lovely. We at bighugenerd prefer constant protection at all times, but we know there are oodles of you iPadders out there with sleeve desires. This definitely has a great quality to it, absolutely no odor, and we have no choice but to recommend it to those with sleeve needs!

Thus we give the SGP illuzion for iPad 2 a healthy 4 nerds out of 5!

(And a big thank-you to Jason at SGP for the review samples!)

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The only other issue we had with this case is that the magnet outlines are pretty visibly obvious when the case is open.

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