So of course we at bighugenerd got our shiny, new iPad 3rd generation in-hand, and one of the first things we did was to see if our favorite case would work with it. The Yoobao iPad 2 Executive Leather case is designed for the 8.8mm thick iPad 2, so how would it do when partnered with the slightly overweight 9.4mm thick iPad 3? 


Twelve South, we thank you. From the bottom of our nerd hearts, we thank you. What, you may ask, causes us to gush so? Well, quite simply, you'll find out after the break. Yes, this product is that good. Really it is. 


With the 13" 2011 MacBook Air having been a huge success for Apple, we at bighugenerd see the future (we think). This latest-generation ultralight finally became a desktop replacement for many, with a fast Core i5 or i7 processor, a Thunderbolt port, fast solid state storage and a more-than decent 1440x900 display. 

So where does Apple go from here? We think we know...

OK so one is a phone. We understand that. You're not making phone calls with a Playstation Vita. And, yes, the iPhone has games that often cost less than a dollar and the Vita basically... doesn't.  And we know there are a lot of you who don't want a second device to play games on, and thus your cellphone is your primary gaming rig. 

But... but... what if you want something more than cell-phone gaming? Well Let's take a look at the Playstation Vita and see what it offers. Can $40 games really exist in this $0.99 world?

Oh look! Another case review! Yes, we love cases. We can't get enough of them, and want to review them all day long. There probably aren't enough cases in the world to keep us satisfied. 

On the chopping block today is the SGP Linear Color Series in Gunmetal, and a bonus SGP Option Frame in blue! We like it, sort of... We also trash the living heck out of it with a bunch of keys just for fun. Read on and check out the damage after the break (caution: viewer discretion advised, sort of).

Oh noes! Another iPhone 4 case. Yes, yes, we know the iPhone 4S is out, and Siri is making the lives of so many of us that much easier. But we recognize that some of you out there are busy waiting for iPhone 5/5G/5RESPECT or whatever it ends up being called, - and are "stuck" with your trusty 4. We respect you. And we have a case review for you! 

So if you click that little link down there, you can read some more. No pressure. 


Ah the BookBook. Let's get this out of the way immediately: the BookBook isn't for everyone. By our estimations we'd say the BookBook is for the minority. But those that love it will really, really love it. Why? Well, you can likely find out by clicking that thingamy there, below. That one. Yep.

Today we take a look at the Energizer Inductive Charger and sleeves. While not designed just for iPhone 4, we're Apple fans and thus going the iPhone route, so there! We've been using this for a bit, and while it definitely does what it say on the label, it's certainly not without its faults. We rant and rave, as usual, after the break...


*See our iPad 3 update here!*
So we've had our revision 2 Yoobao iPad 2 cover for a while now, and we loved it then and still love it now. So much so that when we heard about a revision 3 being available, we simply had to get on the case (so to speak). We've had the revision 3 in house for some time now, and having put it through its grueling paces on the nightstand, in the car, and wedged under our slumbering bodies when we doze off (hey, it happens), we have another verdict for you. 

So, click the little blue words to the lower right, and let's get casing!

So it's been a while since my last slew of blog posts, and while I'm currently unable to include photos of hardware hotness for the time being, I am still able to write, - or at least form words that are somewhat coherent. 

With that out of the way, here comes one of a series of postings on what's gone wrong at Apple as of late. This will focus on hardware and/or software issues that just seem to be a little out of character for a company so focused on design and functionality.

So let's start with the 2011 Mac mini...