So, there are some new Siri ads out today that at first glance are amusing and informative. But are they misleading? Now, this wouldn't be the first time that Apple could be in trouble over Siri's (in)ability to understand the spoken word, but let's take a look at one of the ads, featuring the venerable Samuel L. Jackson. In this spot, he says, "Remind me in an hour to put the gazpacho on ice."

So, this nerd found that decidedly... unlikely to be understood by Siri, and tried it himself... What did I discover? Well, read on... 

SGP was kind enough to send us their Aluminum Mobile Stand S10, and so we decided to be kind enough to review it! 

What we have here is a.... stand. For your phone. So your... err... phone can stand in it. SGP says it's for the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S II, so we'll take a look at it with an iPhone 4S. Do we like it? Look how cute it is! Of course we like it... mostly! See how much, after the break.

Ah, Rayman. This nerd has quite the love for the little armless hero. Not quite 17 years ago, when the first Rayman game was released, it was a gorgeous, hard-as-nails 2D platform game in the vein of the Mario games. It was wonderful, hard, - infuriating at times, and absolutely gorgeous to look at. 

So, does Rayman Origins pick up the gauntlet left many, many years ago by our eponymous hero?  Find out, after the break!

We're really big fans of the Playstation Vita here at bighugenerd. With its gorgeous OLED display, great ergonomics, and a stellar d-pad, there's so much to like here. 

But what about the accessories? At $20, is the Sony Playstation Vita Cradle a plastic rip-off, or a plastic err...non-rip-off? Find out, as usual, after the break.


It's Friday! We're all exhausted, can't wait for the weekend etc. So, to honor you all this will be a light-hearted post. We present to you a tale of intrigue and... candy. 

Because we love candy.


Twelve South is a dangerous, dangerous company. You see, what they do all day is look at Apple products on the market. Then they disappear into some sort of cave and emerge later with something that makes being an Apple user more enjoyable. And then they charge us for the awesome product they created. How dare they? 

Well what do you know? Here's another such device, the PlugBug for iPad/iPhone. If you're a super-mega Apple fan, you probably own a laptop of some sort, be it an Air, a Pro or just a regular ol' MacBook from yesteryear. And then recently maybe you got caught up in the whole omgretinadisplay awesomeness and bought a new iPad as well? Heck, maybe you also have an iPhone? All those chargers are just a nuisance!  Enter, Twelve South's PlugBug!


We at bighugenerd love our Kindles. They just can't be beaten for easing into the ebook world. Yes, there's competition from Barnes and Noble's Nook, and also from... some... other companies out there, but let's face it, - the Kindle is the one to beat. 

With that said, we wanted to talk about the Kindle Touch interface today. While the device itself has been out for several months now, It's not perfect; not even close to perfect, actually. So what went wrong?


So we don't love the stylus. Steve Jobs didn't love the stylus, either. See, we had so much in common *sniff...*. 

Seriously, though. if there's one major user for the stylus it's art applications, or... the smash-hit Draw Something. Now, bear this in mind: We don't love Draw Something on the iPhone. While it's a reasonably enjoyable diversion for a few minutes, it's extremely frustrating due to the size of the screen. Drawing fine objects and lines is a veritable nightmare!


And here we go again! An Apple product is released, the Internet get wind, takes hold, and doesn't let go of some purported issue. 

With the iPhone 4, it was antennagate, and now with the 3rd generation iPad it's yellowgate, or heatgate, or batterygate. Hey take your pick, after the break of course, where this nerd delves into iPad 3 to see what's what... 

Another year, another iPad.

Last year, we somewhat berated Apple for their lack of... creativity in the second-generation iPad. (We also complained about the resolution of the screen.) Arguably this year there's even less ingenuity involved in the construction of the third-generation model. Of course, there's one thing that stands out, and you probably already know what that is, because Apple are - after all - marketing geniuses. 

So, let your uh... retinas get an eyeful, after the break.