With the 13" 2011 MacBook Air having been a huge success for Apple, we at bighugenerd see the future (we think). This latest-generation ultralight finally became a desktop replacement for many, with a fast Core i5 or i7 processor, a Thunderbolt port, fast solid state storage and a more-than decent 1440x900 display. 

So where does Apple go from here? We think we know...

Many of us out there are done with optical drives. Yes, Blu-ray is fantastic, but usually not so much in a laptop due to power consumption, and that 1080p video on a tiny screen isn't as effective as on that 55" TV at home. Travelers need portability and power, and the MacBook Air offers just that. 

We're extremely power hungry here at bighugenerd. In fact, one of our only major complaints about the 2011 13" MacBook air is that it only has 4GB RAM. 8GB would have been perfect, but give it time, - it's coming, we have no doubt. Yes, the 15 and 17 inch 2011 MacBook Pro line is faster, but so what? We reckon most people would get on absolutely (more than) fine with the 2011 MacBook Air's Core i5 or Core i7 power. However, the 13" screen size can be a problem if you're used to something bigger. 

So, how about, say, a 15" MacBook Air? Or a 17"? It makes sense, doesn't it? So much so, that we reckon the larger MacBook Air is coming sooner rather than later. Intel's new Ivy Bridge chipset is just around the corner, complete with power-sipping processors. With greater performance than the Sandy Bridge architecture that powers the current Apple line of laptops and desktops, we think an Ivy Bridge MacBook Air with a larger screen is a very attractive proposition.

And let's not forget high-resolution displays (or as the Apple marketing geniuses call it, "Retina Display") for laptops are very close by, we can feel it. The just-released iPad 3 features a fabulous 2048x1536 pixels in its tiny 9.7" display (see our review next week!), so we wonder how many pixels Apple would see fit to cram into a 13, 15, or 17 inch display. We giggle as only nerds can at the thought. 

Quite simply, after using any MacBook Air (though especially the 2011 model), using a current-generation MacBook Pro of any size just feels flat out wrong. In fact, of Apple's entire product line, the MacBook Pros now feel decidedly out of place. The iPhone is so svelte, the iPad so sleek, the MacBook Air so slim, that the MacBook Pros are glaringly overweight by comparison.

2012 is going to be very interesting indeed. 

8/10/2013 03:15:08 am

Wow! Thanks a lot for sharing about MacBookAir. I am a great fan of Apple products. Actually I have a collection of most of their products. I agree with you that think the year is going to be really interesting. Thanks for sharing the post. Looking forward to more updates.

4/1/2014 04:49:09 pm

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7/8/2014 06:19:21 pm

Very good stuff with good ideas and concepts, lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need.

1/6/2015 01:20:51 pm

but it’s also a easy recommendation if your computing needs go at all beyond the basics or if you plan to keep your Air for a while – as mentioned above, you can’t upgrade later.


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