So the USA just landed a rover on Mars in what must be the most epic fashion imaginable, so you'd think getting a mouse right in 2012 would be a no-brainer, right? Wrong.

See, the idea here is great: Logitech got the Anywhere Mouse MX pretty much perfect the first time around back in 2009. The problem is that this isn't the first time around anymore. It's 2012, and Logitech has done something really, really terrible. They released the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX, Version 2.0. 

It's just a mouse. It's just a mouse. Don't let it get to you. It's just a mouse.

As of this moment, the three most important parts of your computer are the mouse/trackpad, keyboard, and the screen. That's it. Yes, a fast processor is wonderful. Yes, a speedy Solid State Disk is droolworthy. But when it comes down to it, how you interface with all that technology with your hands and eyes is the most important aspect of all. Remember when you first played with an iPhone? You were drawn to the screen, drawn to the interface. Pinching and zooming, swipes abound. Oh the joy. 

OK, now back from happy dreamland and into reality. 

From what we can tell, the first version of the Anywhere Mouse MX didn't need to be changed. A new mouse to replace it? Sure, why not? We love new tech! But taking the current Anywhere Mouse MX and... and... doing this to it? No. 

So, version 2.0 on the left, Version 1.0 on the right. They look oh-so similar, but they're not. The obvious difference is the finish of the mouse. While Version 1.0 featured a nice, matte finish which never became slimy from hand oils, popcorn etc, Version 2.0's slick feeling exterior is ghastly in comparison. We think that even Logitech is a little embarrassed, because their own website shows the first model, and not this (ahem) updated version. 

So, almost the entire top surface is this glossy, nasty plastic, the button below the scroll wheel is glossy, nasty plastic, and the two buttons on the side are nasty..., glossy..., plastic. Not only that, but with this new finish comes a rather unpleasant tinniness to the clicks. Both the left and right click of our Version 2.0 emit a sound that reminds us of the echo of a church bell (except infinitely tinnier, of course). The whole affair just feels cheap

What else was changed? Well, not anything that we can tell. It still comes with the handy micro-recevier and slightly-too-small case to store the mouse in when traveling. Seriously, Logitech, could you make the case just a wee bit larger so we don't have to wedge the mouse in there to get the zip to close?

All in all, if you want an Anywhere Mouse MX, we suggest you troll eBay for a Version 1.0. It's a great mouse, and there's simply no reason that we can find to buy the newer Version 2.0. It's less comfortable, feels inexpensive, and has no purpose when Version 1.0 is so good. Shame on you, Logitech. Shame on you.
12/29/2012 06:46:17 am

I hate when companies change their products just for the sake of doing it.

Did you notice any performance difference between the new and old one or do you think the change is only cosmetical?

12/29/2012 03:34:20 pm

In terms of the tinniness of the buttons, yes. Otherwise, no. But that tinniness is just pretty awful, especially since this is a new (and should be improved) version.

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It's a great mouse, and there's simply no reason that we can find to buy the newer Version 2.0. It's less comfortable, feels inexpensive, and has no purpose when Version 1.0 is so good. Shame on you, Logitech. Shame on you.

10/3/2013 09:33:45 pm

Not only that, but with this new finish comes a rather unpleasant tinniness to the clicks. Both the left and right click of our Version 2.0 emit a sound that reminds us of the echo of a church bell (except infinitely tinnier, of course).

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11/17/2014 12:50:55 pm

My Anywhere Mouse MX (version 2.0) became intermittent, was replaced by Logitech. Second sample failed in the same way. When I complained to Logitech, their customer support rep offered to send me a different model, the M705, which he said was proving to be more reliable in the field. So far, it seems to be working fine. This is actually a cheaper model, but its functionality is almost identical to the Anywhere MX. The only difference that I am aware of, is that it won't track on a glass surface. The M705 is also a bit larger, and more comfortable in my hand.

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But I realy have no problem with the case. It fits perfect if you put in the mouse in the correct direction.

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