Today we take a look at Mika Mobile's Battleheart. Part Diablo, part World of Warcraft, mostly awesome. We put far too many hours into this one and come away impressed! Check out our review after the jump.

 Publisher:  Mika Mobile
Application type:  Universal App
Link to the iTunes store:  Battleheart, $2.99

I admit, I used to be quite addicted to World of Warcraft (WoW). I eventually managed to drag myself away from it, though, to delete my online characters and never look back. OK, I still look back a lot, but I could never bring myself to actually start playing again, trawling through the gaming abyss, with no ending, no closure. That’s World of Warcraft: A carrot on a stick on a never-ending road to nowhere. It’s also the best game I’ve ever played.

Battleheart, then, can be thought of as World of Warcraft: Mini Edition. If you’ve played WoW, Battleheart is admittedly about 0.00001% of what it has to offer. Why then do I call it World of Warcraft: Mini Edition? Well, dedicated WoW gamers know that when you hit the maximum level you could reach in the game, you ended up “raiding” for progress. Raiding, for the uninitiated, was the gathering of a group of between 5 and 40 online nerds to go into a dungeon to obliterate (or fail to) a giant boss-type demon/spawn/animal/spider thing. The result? Epic Loot! Respect given to you by other WoW Gamers! Hours of your weekend lost! MOAR epic loot! The feeling of getting that super item that was only slightly better than the previous super item, and that it only took 30 or 40 attempts to kill the boss! Ohhh, the feeling…! 

I admit, I’m a tad nostalgic. But Battleheart scratches the WoW itch while also doing away with the best and worst part of World of Warcraft: The People. You can probably imagine what raiding with 39 other mic’d-up loot-hungry nerds does to you over a 10-hour raid. You can imagine the frustration, the anger, the irritation when some idiot doesn’t do what he was supposed to do and everyone dies. Yes. That usually meant back to the beginning of the dungeon and many, many hours wasted. When WoW was good, it was epic, but when The People were problematic, you just wanted to walk away (or have a really good yelling match).

Since Battleheart is a single-player game, the only person you can yell at for your screw-ups is you. Because Battleheart is a single-player game, the only person you can walk away from is yourself. Which doesn’t work. Because you are yourself.

Where WoW had 40-people raids, Battleheart has 4-people raids, all controlled by “you truly.” Where WoW had you spending many minutes running/riding/flying between areas, Battleheart has a menu screen where you pick the location and you’re automagically there after a few seconds of loading.  


The story is also excellent in Battleheart. Riveting in fact. The basic premise is this: There are.. uh.. bad guys… and… they need killing… and stuff…andthenyoupickuploot!

Seriously, how can you not like that? It’s such a simple concept: Do away with the questing and traveling and people, and just have levels you pick from a menu, where you control all the characters, defeat a round of enemies, and get loot! And money! To buy loot! Fabulous.


The gameplay is incredibly simple. Pick your characters (warrior, rogue, bard, mage etc), up to a maximum of four, and then drag them around the screen in real-time, either to attack enemies, heal your party members, or move to different positions.  As you level your characters up, they’ll get to use new abilities which you can select before any battle. You can replay the levels to increase your gold/experience, and the whole shebang runs really well on any iOS device. Most fun is when you encounter bigger boss-type characters, you send in your warrior to keep his attention, frantically doling out healing spells on him with your healer while your other characters keep off the bats or other non-boss baddies. Great fun, and very intense!

Of course the game isn’t perfect. One of the issues in the game is that characters can often overlap each other, and it can be pretty tricky to separate them. I sometimes grab the wrong person and move him/attack someone when I don’t mean to. Nothing major, but it’s there.

Three of us in one location! Gah!

Also, there are a few too many menus to go into. Some of these could be consolidated to remove a bit of confusion.

Armory Menu: Equip weapons and armor
Merchant Menu: Sell/Buy weapons and armor
Academy Menu: Equip spells/talents
Tavern Menu: Buy new characters
Keep Menu: Transfer characters you've bought into or out of your party (max 4).

So many menus!

Oh, but we love this; we really do.

So What's to Like?

We really enjoy the simplicity but strategy of the combat, the cuteness of the characters (warriors have angry eyebrows while priests and mages look oh-so relaxed). We also love that you can use multitouch to command two (or three, or all four!) of your characters simultaneously. The menu music relaxes us after a battle, while the in-fight music rouses us to destroy the baddie infestation! Yay!

So What's Not to Like?

We wish there were some more levels, and more epic loot. You can’t have enough loot. You just can’t. Some menu consolidation and tweaks to character selection in-game wouldn't go amiss, either.


The overall experience is just great. It runs well, looks adorable, and the music is solid all round. And it's a universal app! If there were loads more levels and loads and loads of loot, this would be a five-nerd game. As it is, we still recommend it highly!

PS Did we mention we want more loot?
App Store Link: Battleheart, $2.99

3/23/2011 12:06:33 pm

Nice review. As a ex-WoW player, this game certainly fulfills my need for group battles and loot, without having to commit to large amounts of time. Load the game, play a battle or two, quit... 10 minutes top!

This game is highly recommended to folks that like RPGs, especially loot/XP driven ones.

Back to the game to try and get a few more epic items!

Jonathan Frederick
12/16/2011 01:37:06 pm

Make a wolf character

6/9/2013 04:32:57 pm

I didn’t know much about it when my cousin used to play this game and talk about unlocking each level! Now I can understand a bit! Graphic quality is one important aspect of this game which is not found even in some world famous games!

10/6/2013 03:15:22 am

If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on.

10/20/2013 06:30:04 am

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6/25/2014 07:20:23 pm

I acknowledge, I’m some sort of little bit nostalgic. Yet Battleheart scrapes the Wow itch whilst additionally getting rid of the top along with worst type of component of Warcraft: People. You are able to likely picture exactly what raiding having 39 other mic’d-up loot-hungry nerds can to you personally over the 10-hour raid. You can imagine the annoyance, the anger, the soreness as soon as several idiot doesn’t perform exactly what he or she has been purported to perform along with anyone dead.

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This game is highly recommended to folks that like RPGs, especially loot/XP driven ones


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