When the new iPad was released last month, bighugenerd wasn't as impressed with the quality control as it was with the new Retina display (in theory). Last week, we received a phone call from Apple's Executive Customer Relations, curious as to the issues with our new iPads. We explained, as we showed you, how the color uniformity is a major concern with the iPad, and that despite multiple exchanges it was impossible to find one with anywhere near the uniformity of prior iPad models...


So, there are some new Siri ads out today that at first glance are amusing and informative. But are they misleading? Now, this wouldn't be the first time that Apple could be in trouble over Siri's (in)ability to understand the spoken word, but let's take a look at one of the ads, featuring the venerable Samuel L. Jackson. In this spot, he says, "Remind me in an hour to put the gazpacho on ice."

So, this nerd found that decidedly... unlikely to be understood by Siri, and tried it himself... What did I discover? Well, read on... 

SGP was kind enough to send us their Aluminum Mobile Stand S10, and so we decided to be kind enough to review it! 

What we have here is a.... stand. For your phone. So your... err... phone can stand in it. SGP says it's for the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S II, so we'll take a look at it with an iPhone 4S. Do we like it? Look how cute it is! Of course we like it... mostly! See how much, after the break.

Ah, Rayman. This nerd has quite the love for the little armless hero. Not quite 17 years ago, when the first Rayman game was released, it was a gorgeous, hard-as-nails 2D platform game in the vein of the Mario games. It was wonderful, hard, - infuriating at times, and absolutely gorgeous to look at. 

So, does Rayman Origins pick up the gauntlet left many, many years ago by our eponymous hero?  Find out, after the break!

We're really big fans of the Playstation Vita here at bighugenerd. With its gorgeous OLED display, great ergonomics, and a stellar d-pad, there's so much to like here. 

But what about the accessories? At $20, is the Sony Playstation Vita Cradle a plastic rip-off, or a plastic err...non-rip-off? Find out, as usual, after the break.