Today we give Griffin's first iPad 2 case a good looking at, and to say we were unimpressed would be doing a disservice to cases we've been unimpressed with. There are so many things wrong here that we hope we even remembered to cover (cue groans) them all. See us give the Elan Folio Slim a big, hairy eyeball right after the jump.

Today we take a look at Mika Mobile's Battleheart. Part Diablo, part World of Warcraft, mostly awesome. We put far too many hours into this one and come away impressed! Check out our review after the jump.

A quick shout-out/thank you to Twelve South for featuring our nerdy blog on their site! Read about us right here. Thanks, guys!
We give Twelve South's latest Apple accessory a thorough going over, and come away very impressed. Less is more, of course! Feel the love in our review right here.
For our first big review, let's focus on the device that makes it all possible: Apple's newly-released iPad 2. We touch it, smudge it, turn it on, turn it off, turn it on again, and on one occasion we even went to the bathroom with it. 

There's a lot to like, and you can read the review right here.
I thought it best to start off a smattering of writing with Apple's iPad. This not-quite iPod touch, not-quite netbook, not-quite computer has conjured up quite the following since its first release in April, 2010. But let's not focus on 2010, - let's focus on now, and one of the best apps you should be running on your iPad in 2011!
Delivery Status  
Publisher:  Junecloud LLC
Application type:  Universal App
Link to the iTunes store:  Delivery Status, $4.99

Frustrated that you can never seem to manage your UPS / FedEx / USPS / DHL / WTF / RESPECT / YMCA deliveries because tracking numbers are all over the place? Well, then look no further.

We adored this compact package tracker with all the adoration a nerd can muster. Check out the full review right here.