Oh look! Another case review! Yes, we love cases. We can't get enough of them, and want to review them all day long. There probably aren't enough cases in the world to keep us satisfied. 

On the chopping block today is the SGP Linear Color Series in Gunmetal, and a bonus SGP Option Frame in blue! We like it, sort of... We also trash the living heck out of it with a bunch of keys just for fun. Read on and check out the damage after the break (caution: viewer discretion advised, sort of).

Oh noes! Another iPhone 4 case. Yes, yes, we know the iPhone 4S is out, and Siri is making the lives of so many of us that much easier. But we recognize that some of you out there are busy waiting for iPhone 5/5G/5RESPECT or whatever it ends up being called, - and are "stuck" with your trusty 4. We respect you. And we have a case review for you! 

So if you click that little link down there, you can read some more. No pressure. 


Ah the BookBook. Let's get this out of the way immediately: the BookBook isn't for everyone. By our estimations we'd say the BookBook is for the minority. But those that love it will really, really love it. Why? Well, you can likely find out by clicking that thingamy there, below. That one. Yep.