Today we look at a bizarre and fun game from RedLynx, developers of the addictive-as-heck Trials HD on the XBOX 360. Yes, the spelling is ridiculous, but thankfully this iOS game is good. Really good. Really, really good. So much so that I’m addicted and not getting anything else done. Except type this review. As soon as I’m done, I’m going back for more.

1000 Heroz (yup, Heroz) is stupidly addictive, and I'll play it for the next three years. Yes, I'm pretty sure of that. Read on past the break to find out why!

1000 Heroz is a pretty unique game in that it seems you’re guaranteed an update every day for the next 3 years. Yes, every day. For the next 3 years. OK, not quite 3 years. 992 days, actually, from June 14, 2011. Yes, I realized you’re confused. Let’s start at the beginning. 


This is a running game and jumping game. No, not one of those mundane iOS running games where you run, leap obstacles, dodge baddies  and try and not die until… well… you eventually die. This game has a start and a finish.  Each level, so far, should take around 20 seconds to get through. You can earn a bronze medal for a stupendously slow time, a silver medal for a more speedy time, and the (probably) highly-coveted gold medal for running a really zippy time.

Physics play a major role here, so jumping and landing on a downhill section of the “track” will have you maintain speed, while landing on an incline or obstacle will slow you to a veritable crawl.


The nifty thing, though, is that 1000 Heroz will be updated each and every day for the next 992 days (1000 days from its initial release - I'm 8 days behind the times, apparently!) Each day a new level will be unlocked to play through, and thus far the levels have been quite varied! Deserts, green pastures, ice locales etc. 

The great thing about 1000 Heroz is you’ll play that one new level each day to compete with people all over the world. When the next day rolls around, and thus a new level is released/unlocked – that’s it. You can still play the previous day’s levels, but you won’t register any high scores on the global scoreboard for the yester-levels (just high scores on your own device). This means your awesome score will be stamped forever into the scoreboard of….. wherever the heck RedLynx's scoreboard is. And nothing can change that. Ever! Just make sure you do it within 24 hours of the level's release, or it won't count on the global scoreboard.


This means this game has legs, literally and figuratively. Yesterday, I played 1000 Heroz for 25 minutes, feverishly trying to beat my times by milliseconds. Today, I played for around 5 minutes, and racked up a great time pretty quickly! How much you play each day is up to you, but you’ll want to play each day if you’re the competing type. 


As you can see in the above image, after three days, level four wasn't unlocked yet, but I'd attained gold medals on the first three days, yay!

Oh, and there’s more reward than just getting good times. If you get a silver medal or better, you unlock a relic. It’s just an item that serves no purpose, but it’s fun to get rewards, and so relics are it in this game. You’ve got 1000 to collect, so get running!


So What's to Like?

Addictive, one-more-go gameplay.
Easy to pick up and play, or put down at a moment's notice.
Relic-collecting for the loot-mongers among you. 
Floating ghost avatar that accompanies you on subsequent runs so you can see how well you’re doing in relation to your best run. 
Easy to restart if you mess up. 
Great art style, sound effects and music. 
1000 levels! 
1000 relics! 
Coins to collect for posterity!
Cavemen (and women). 

So What's Not to Like?

Can’t see replays of yourself or others on the leaderboards.


Exceptionally addictive. For $1.99 on the iPad, or $0.99 on the iPhone, this is a tremendous value. Fun, cute, creative, and a new level a day makes this a game worth returning to!  We recommend 1000 Heroz highly, and award it a stellar 4.5 nerds out of 5!

1000 Heroz HD - RedLynx Ltd 1000 Heroz - RedLynx Ltd
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