We don't know if you've been to the movies recently, and we're not even sure if this is a nationwide campaign, but there is the most obnoxious Galaxy S III commercial playing here in Seattle at the AMC theater, downtown. Having gone to the cinema twice in the last few weeks, this commercial has stuck out like a sore, - no, missing - thumb. 

I've tried to block it from my mind, but the premise goes (mostly) like this:
There are two men in what appears to the projector room of a movie theater. I don't remember their names (don't blame me), but we'll call them Frank and John.

In this scene, Frank, who apparently used to be the projectionist, is tied up in a chair. John, facing the camera (and thus you) talks to you at length about how this is interrupting your movie but it's so important to do so so he can show you photos. He shows you pictures from Frank's Samsung Galaxy S III, and how easy they are to share with another Galaxy S III by tapping his and Frank's phones together. (Why Frank needs to be tied up for this isn't clear, despite the fact that Frank's photos are somewhat embarrassing. Maybe Frank would beat up John if he weren't tied up? I know I wanted to do so)

Anyway, while the idea of tapping a few phones together to share pictures may sound great, the way this commercial belittles the audience with its language is quite staggering. In addition, the ad felt like it lasted for age; it was a movie all to itself. And do we really want to be slamming phones together to share pictures? With phones costing what they do, how many people do you trust your phone with to tap them together without trashing something?

How sad it is that that Samsung has come up with a commercial that makes the audience out to be idiots. It's one thing to show off a new way of sharing pictures (even if it only makes sense if everyone has the same phone). It's another to bash your audience while going about it.

Hey, Samsung? This is how you do it: Ever sent a text with your iPhone to somebody else with an iPhone? It automagically shows up as an iMessage text instead a paid-for SMS text if the recipient has an iPhone+data plan/wifi, no matter where that person is in the world. That's the right way to take advantage of like phones. There's no extra work needed. It happens by itself.

Can you imagine trying to share a photo with your Galaxy S III? 

"Hey, Tom! Let me share a photo with you!"

"Sweet! Thanks, Bob!"

"Oh, hey Tom, I was going to email it to you but I was wondering if you happened to have a Galaxy S III I can slam my own Galaxy S III against to share the photo?"

"Sorry, Bob. I have a Blackberry."

"Oh, OK! I'll just email it then."

Nice try, Samsung. But try harder, please. 


04/18/2013 00:13

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09/12/2013 04:37

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09/23/2013 20:11

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10/22/2013 00:53

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